Our Story

WesCup™ was born from the imaginative mind of Wesley Renda, an 11-year-old with an insatiable thirst for innovation. It all began on a long road trip to Disneyland, where Wes found himself sipping on 3/4 of a large orange soda. Frustration struck as he pondered, “Why hasn’t anyone designed a cup that allows you to enjoy three different drinks in one, without the hassle of juggling multiple cups?”

With the support of his uncle Tony and family friends, Wes embarked on a journey of discovery. Extensive research revealed a startling truth—there was no product in the market that fulfilled his vision. Wesley saw an opportunity to transform the way people enjoy their beverages.

Thus, the patent-pending WesCup™ was conceived, a breakthrough in beverage convenience. No longer must you grapple with the inconvenience of purchasing three separate drinks, finding space in cup holders, or awkwardly trying to double-fist your beverages to avoid those endless concession lines. WesCup™ empowers you to savor three choices without compromise.

Today, WesCup™ proudly stands as the world’s first patent-pending stackable three-compartment cup and lid. It’s a story of a young innovator who dared to dream, and in doing so, solved a problem that has irked humanity for decades.

Join us in celebrating Wesley’s ingenuity, and experience the beverage revolution that is WesCup™.