Does WesCup truly keep hot and cold drinks separate?

Yes, WesCup's three compartments maintain the temperatures of hot and cold beverages without any crossover.

What's the capacity of each WesCup compartment?

Each compartment holds 8 ounces, totaling 24 ounces for the entire WesCup.

Is there a risk of my three beverages mixing in WesCup?

No, thanks to the custom lid design. The lid securely holds each compartment, preventing any mixing between beverages.

Is WesCup dishwasher safe?

Yes, both the cup, lid, and straw are dishwasher-safe for easy and convenient cleaning.

Does WesCup fit in a car cupholder?

Yes, WesCup is designed with a tapered bottom to seamlessly fit into car cupholders.

Does WesCup have a handle?

No, WesCup does not have a handle to maintain stackability. While we have received requests, we are working on creating an accessory that can be purchased separately. Stay tuned for updates!

How many straw holes does the WesCup lid have?

The WesCup lid features three straw holes, allowing you to place anywhere from one to three straws and enjoy your drink with flexibility.

Can I hold the WesCup, especially if I have small hands?

Yes, absolutely! The bottom is designed to fit a child's hand, while the top is wider for an adult hand. WesCup is crafted to be easy and fun to hold, catering to everyone's comfort.