3 Drinks. 1 Cup.


The world's first patented stackable three-component cup and lid system. We're revolutionizing the drinking experience!
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The Ultamate Drinking Cup

Enjoy three flavors of your favorite drink

Spill Proof Lid

Lid designed with 3 holes and spill proof design so your drinks don’t mix.

Fits in Cupholder

Designed for people on the go that want their drink secure in a cupholder.

Dishwasher Safe

Conveniently wash your Wescup in your dishwasher without causing damage to the cup!

Stackable Design

With its patent-pending design, our three-compartment cup becomes the first of its kind to stack effortlessly, offering a crucial solution for storage needs."


Place an order of Wescups customized with your brand's logo and colors.

Add your logo

Customize with your logo and sell as souvenir or refillable cup.

Showcase Your Colors

Create a combination of drinks to match color theme of event or holiday.

Efficient Storage

Our patent-pending stackable design allows for efficient storage in your facility.

3 Drinks 1 Cup

WesCup brings to you the first stackable 3 compartment 24oz cup that fits into a standard cup holder. The design was inspired by Wesley, at 13 years old, got tired of having to down 24ozs of one flavor of soda on long road trips. Now you can offer your guests 3 drinks at once and give them something to talk about. WesCup is great for the poolside, sporting events, amusement parks, movie theaters or where ever fountain drinks are sold.

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